Consultations and Responses

The Guild of Healthcare Pharmacists is asked to comment on many draft documents. On this page you will find both consultations which are current and relevant to Scotland and those to which a response has been submitted by the Guild in Scotland. If you would like to comment on any of the current consultation documents and contribute to the Guild response, please send your comments to consult at ghpscot dot org dot uk by the date shown beside each entry. Please note that the date specified is NOT the date by which comments have to be submitted. It is the date by which I need any comments which are to be included in the repsonse. Your co-operation with this is appreciated.

If you consider that there is another document to which the Guild should be responding, please email me at the same address with details of the document and from where it can be obtained.

Current Consultations

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Future Consultations


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Submitted Responses (accessible to members only)

9 November 2006 Healthcare Professional Regulation: Proposals for Change: Good Doctors, Safer Patients and The Regulation of the Non-Medical Healthcare Professions  

23 March 2005 Making the Best Use of the Pharmacy Workforce 

17 November 2004 RPSGB Devolution Review Group:Key Stakeholder Consultation Document 

2 July 2004 Mental Health (Care and Treatment) (Scotland) Act 2003 - draft Code of Practice 

2 July 2004 Mental Health (Care and Treatment) (Scotland) Act 2003 - regulations policy 

18 June 2004 Further Measures to Improve the Provision of Primary Care Services 

18 June 2004 NHSScotland Leadership Development Framework 

4 June 2004 Safer for Patients, Supportive for Professionals: A Framework for Managing Poor Performance of Health Professionals and Teams in NHS Scotland 

1 June 2004 Modernising NHS Community Pharmacy in Scotland 

7 May 2004 Emergency Workers (Scotland) Bill 

28 November 2003 Arrangements For The Future Supply And Reimbursement Of Generic Medicines For Scotland 

27 February 2003 Office Of Fair Trading Report: The Control Of Entry Regulations And Retail Pharmacy Services In The UK 

27 February 2003 ‘Learning From Experience’ - How To Improve Safety For Patients In Scotland 

15 November 2002 Health White Paper 

28 October 2002 Removal of current GP prescribing restrictions on carbocisteine, methylcysteine and acetylcysteine 

1 August 2002 Pharmacy For Health - A Review of the Contribution of Pharmacists to Public Health in Scotland 

8 July 2002 MLX 284: Proposals for Supplementary Prescribing By Nurses and Pharmacists and Proposed Amendments to the Prescription Only Medicines (Human Use) Order 

15 March 2002 ‘Planning Together’ - the Final Report of the Scottish Integrated Workforce Planning Group - and the Response by the Scottish Executive Health Department 

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