Advance Letter AL(PH)2/91
Remuneration of Pharmacists Employed by Health Boards

Unsocial Hours Payments

4. A new agreement is introduced to facilitate payment for out of hours work. It gives greater flexibility to local management to make appropriate arrangements for work that cannot be done within the normal 39 hour week. (The emergency duty agreement stands unaltered). The new agreement is set out in Appendix F of this letter.
Special Duty Payments, Fees for Late Clinics and Other Planned Work

5. The agreement on special duty payments, fees for late clinics and other planned work has been superseded by the unsocial hours agreement at paragraph 4 above (Appendix G).

Appendix F

Unsocial Hours Payments

Where a pharmacist (or pre-registration student working under the supervision of a pharmacist) is required to provide a pharmaceutical service outside normal working hours, the employing authority may make appropriate arrangements to provide staffing for that service. The form of recompense, including payment or time off in lieu, shall be agreed by the employing authority and the individual concerned, with the involvement of local staff representatives if requested by the staff or by management.

Appendix G

Special Duty Payments, Fees for Late Clinics and Other Planned Work

The agreement on the above, promulgated in the Committee A Handbook para 22 and revised in AL(PH)2/80, AL(PH)1/86 Appendix E and AL(PH)1/88 Appendix C has been withdrawn.


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