P R E S S     R E L E A S E

2nd May 2003

For immediate release

Agenda For Change - GHP position statement on the vote

The following position statement has been agreed and released by the Guild of Healthcare Pharmacists.

"Whilst the Guild of Healthcare Pharmacists acknowledges the position of the AMICUS union NHS National Advisory Committee in supporting the two stage process for a ballot on Agenda for Change and that the first stage should be supported, we also recognise that there remains a lack of clarity around a number of components of the Agenda for Change proposed agreement.

In addition the GHP is also aware that there has been slow progress in resolving areas of concern.

However, the GHP also believes these issues cannot be resolved without testing the proposed agreement in the Early Implementer sites.

The GHP is therefore unable to make a recommendation with respect to how members should vote in the first stage of the ballot but would wish to offer the above as information."

Ron Pate Bob McArtney
Chairman Staff Side President
Pharmaceutical Whitley Council GHP

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