P R E S S     R E L E A S E

9th November 2000

For immediate release

PAY CLAIM 2000/2001

Members will be aware of the Staff Side's difficulties in gaining agreement of the management side to a meeting of the full Pharmaceutical Whitley Council. We are pleased to report that a meeting of joint Secretaries and Chairs took place on November 1st in Quarry House, Leeds and the management side acknowledged that the failure to hold such a meeting had been due to organisational change within the NHS pay unit.

The opportunity was taken at this meeting to pursue advancement of the pay claim for 2000/2001. The management side stated they had no room for manoeuvre around the 3.25% offer already on the table but were prepared to consider addressing unintentional misinterpretations and associated problems arising from implementation of the 1999/2000 award. Discussions in respect of these remain ongoing and it is hoped that further information/clarification can be given at the forthcoming GHP GDM meeting in Birmingham on 2nd December.

Staff side representatives pursued a resumption of talks within the joint recruitment and retention working party particularly with regard to modernising grading. This will be subject to further dialogue with the management side.

R.G.Pate Chairman Staff Side Pharmaceutical Whitley Council

G.Looker Secretary Staff Side Pharmaceutical Whitley Council

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