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15th December 2000

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Opportunities for Pharmacy in 'Our National Health'

The Guild of Healthcare Pharmacists has welcomed 'Our National Health' and the opportunities which it offers for the pharmaceutical profession and the development of pharmaceutical services.

Speaking after attending the launch of the plan in Edinburgh on 14th December, the Guild's Secretary for Scotland, Colin Rodden, said "It is most encouraging to see the Executive's commitment to rebuild the NHS in Scotland. There are many areas mentioned in the plan where pharmacists can make a significant contribution." The Guild has welcomed the Executives intention to work with the pharmaceutical professions in Scotland in addressing manpower issues and looks forward to being involved in the development of a strategy for pharmacy. The investment in training and development of NHS staff is also welcomed.

The Guild agrees that patients' expectations of a safe and comfortable stay in hospital should be met by hospitals having the highest possible standards of service. Clinical pharmacists on hospital wards have a vital role in ensuring the safety of the patient with regard to their medication.

The Guild's President, Helen Remington, who was a member of the Crown Review Team, welcomed extension of model schemes for pharmaceutical care and the support for the pharmacist's role in prescribing a broader range of medicines. Hospital pharmacists have been involved for some years in conducting medication reviews and monitoring certain treatments such as anticoagulants.

The Guild of Healthcare Pharmacists looks forward to working with the Scottish Executive and with pharmaceutical and other organisations to implement the plan.

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