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9th March 2001

For immediate release

Progress made on NHS Pharmacists Pay

Following a series of discussions, the National Agreement has been reached on a settlement of the NHS Pharmacists 2000/2001 Pay Claim.

This provisional agreement provides for an improved 2 year pay deal which sees the following:

For 2000/2001

A 3.25% increase in salary.

A 3.25% increase in London allowances.

For 2001/2002

A 3.7% increase in salary uplift.

A 3.7% increase in London allowance.

A 3.7% increase in emergency duty commitment responsibility allowance.

This represents as significant improvement on the original offer rejected by staff side. The advance letter has been issued on 10th March and back pay and allowances due should be received by members in their March salary.

Within the Advance Letter is the resolution of a number of outstanding issues resulting from confusing interpretations of the 1999/2000 pay settlement.

There is also a reminder to NHS employers that they have the ability to pay a pay supplement of up to 20%, where departments experience recruitment and retention difficulties.

The main controversy within the negotiations was in connection with the absence of a nationally agreed uplift in emergency duty commitment allowance for 2000/2001. National negotiations are to continue on this matter. However, the Guild will be issuing guidelines to members on the submission of local claims in view of the recommendations in the Advance Letter, which directs Trusts to consider claims submitted by Pharmacists for local agreement on emergency duty commitment uplift for 2000/2001.

The Section General Secretary of the Guild of Healthcare Pharmacists, Gerry Looker, stated "We are disappointed that Management Side fail to increase the emergency duty commitment responsibility allowance for 2000 in line with the salary uplift. This we believe is well established custom and practice. However, we will be supporting members initially in the submission of claims at Trust level for an improvement to this allowance at least in line with the salary uplift. We will also be monitoring developments which will include approaches by our representatives to the devolved Parliament in Scotland and the Assemblies in Wales and Northern Ireland on this matter."

For further information please contact Gerry Looker at MSF Regional Centre, Unit 1 Pelham Court, Pelham Road, Sherwood Rise, Nottingham, NG5 1HA. Tel: 0115 960 9100


Ron Pate at District Pharmacy Office, Administration Block, Wordsley Hospital, Wordsley, Stourbridge, West Midlands, DY8 5QX. Tel: 01384 244430

Further details will be in the next issue of 'ghp' magazine.

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