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11th May 2004

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The Shadow NHS Staff Council has without prejudice to further union ballots agreed in the spirit of partnership that it is essential that preparations for eventual Agenda for Change (AfC) rollout continue. This will ensure that delays are avoided as staff are moved onto the AfC pay scales earlier and the agreed modernisation benefits are realised sooner.

Therefore in many non-Early Implementer (EI) sites pharmacists will be

David Miller Chair of Terms & Conditions for GHP commented

" A lot of pharmacists outside of the E.I. sites thought this was a long way off. The recent emphasis from GHP about managers and staff getting involved in the process, identifying "family groups" and updating job descriptions and person specifications now becomes more relevant. "

"This is important as our initial experience from the EI process suggests that those services where the local pharmacy managers and staff actively participate in the Job Evaluation training and other local processes find it easier to communicate and convey the unique skills and responsibilities required in their local posts."

Any initial concerns are allayed by the fact that

David Miller commented

"It is likely some members will now be asked to expedite this practice matching process and finalise job descriptions. Our advice is to ensure, through local staff-side representatives that this is part of an agreed staff-management partnership approach and they should not feel pressurised, to sign off job descriptions unless they are agreed as accurate by the postholder and manager."


Extract from Agenda for Change Proposed Agreement

(i) All parties agree to work in partnership to deliver a new NHS pay system which supports NHS service modernisation and meets the reasonable aspirations of staff. The signatories to this agreement will accordingly work together to meet the reasonable aspirations of all the parties to:

David Miller
GHP Terms and Conditions Committee

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