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4th August 2004

For immediate release

Ballot on Draft Charter

The Council of the Guild of Healthcare Pharmacists (GHP) welcomes the progress that the Council of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain have made on revising the proposed new Charter. The opportunity being given to the members of the RPSGB to indicate their support, or otherwise, for the newly revised draft Charter is also seen as a positive step in reuniting the profession.

GHP Council encourages all members of RPSGB to use their vote. A high ‘turn out’ will give a strong mandate to move forward. Those who have not followed the debate on the Charter are advised to read the papers carefully and take note of the individual comments of the individuals on the RPSGB Council. If they have specific questions or concerns they should use the e-mail facility, charter@rpsgb.org .

Tony West, the current President of GHP said; " We registered our initial concerns over the elections to the RPSGB Council, with a Press Statement in June. I followed this up with an article in our journal, Healthcare Pharmacy, which was written in July. In terms of progress towards a new Charter, and a professional body that can meet the requirements of a regulator as set out by Kennedy, the new RPSGB Council has made significant progress and I will personally be voting ‘yes’. This does not mean that all of our concerns have gone away. Indeed, I believe the new RPSGB Council will still have to address the future implications arising from the election of the ‘Save our Society’ candidates on a ‘single issue’ campaign. Additionally there is still the issue of ‘representation’ from the managed sector. In respect of the last point I very much welcomed the visit from the President of RPSGB, Nicholas Wood, and the opportunity to discuss these issues with him in person. As in everything we have said so far, we remain committed to work with the RPSGB and look forward to a constructive relationship."

GHP Council
4th August 2004

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