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14th November 2006

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Department of Health Consultation on the Regulation of the Non-Medical Healthcare Professions: the Guild of Healthcare Pharmacists supports the principles of the report but has reservations about how the procedures and processes might work

The Guild of Healthcare Pharmacists, in its response to this consultation, expresses full support for the proposals that standards for regulation should protect the public and be consistent across the different regulatory bodies, and that the regulatory and representation functions of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain should be separated.

However, the Guild has concerns that any revalidation process which involves the employer needs to be appropriately policed to prevent a potential conflict of interest to prevent employers unfairly treating their employees.

The Guild also has concerns that there appear to be no safeguards for individual professionals against unfounded vexatious or malicious allegations. An individualís career could be ruined through no fault of their own

Anthony Oxley, Guild President said "We realise that protection of the public is the first priority of regulatory bodies. However, individual professionals also have rights and these should not be overlooked in the drive to improve standards."

The full response can be found here (GHP members only)


The Guild of Healthcare Pharmacists represents UK wide over 4,000 pharmacists including the majority of hospital pharmacists, pharmacists employed by Primary Care Trusts and pharmacists employed by other public bodies such as the Commission for Social Care Inspection and the Healthcare Commission itself. The Guild is part of the health sector of the union Amicus. Amicus is the UKís largest trade union with 1.2 million members across the private and public sectors. The members work in a range of industries including manufacturing, financial services, print, media, construction and not for profit sectors, local government, education and the NHS.

For further information please contact:

Anthony Oxley: President
Richard Cattell, Vice President

Guild of Healthcare Pharmacists

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