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Amicus produces a series of newsletters to keep reps up to date with what is happening. Although all newsletters are listed, this site does not reproduce the content of all of these - only those deemed relevant or of interest to GHP reps or members.

Members wishing to read those editions of RepsDirect not held on this site should visit the main amicus site here.


  108 - 10 November 2000
South of England cost of living announcement, Positively Diverse conference
  106 - 31 October 2000
Holiday pay survey, MLAs - recruitment and new reps, Community Health councils, Cars and mileage rates, Northern Ireland assembly debates low pay for non-PRB staff, Jobs advertised as being suitable for PRB and non-PRB staff, Inclusion of clinical support services in PFI bids or market testing arrangements, NHS pay
  105 - 5 October 2000
Petrol crisis - advice to staff using cars for NHS work, Agenda for Change talks on new NHS pay system, NHS Agenda for Change talks on again, Joint agreement crucial on all pay issues, Market forces Supplements and "non consolidated team bonuses", Cancer services modernisation, MSF Health Service Advisory Committee
  103 - 12 September 2000
Agenda for Change talks on new NHS pay system, Agenda for Change talks on new NHS pay system
  101 - 4 August 2000
The NHS National Plan for England, GE/Maquete, NHS Mileage Rates, Survey Of Phlebotomists, Holiday pay Under the Working Time Directive
  94 - 19 May 2000
Speech and Language Therapists equal pay settlement, PTB pay, Other MSF groups outside the Pay Review Body, Job evaluation scheme Agenda for Change, Holidays and average pay under the Working Time Directive, MLT (Medical Laboratory Technicians) Board, Staff attitude surveys, The Vital Connection, GWC Equal opportunities Agreement
  93 - 20 April 2000
NHS pay - the current position, Agenda for Change negotiations - job evaluation scheme factor design, Equality Framework, ODP's - who may practice
  92 - 6 April 2000
Fair Pay Lobbies Superbly Supported

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