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Amicus produces a series of newsletters to keep reps up to date with what is happening. Although all newsletters are listed, this site does not reproduce the content of all of these - only those deemed relevant or of interest to GHP reps or members.

Members wishing to read those editions of RepsDirect not held on this site should visit the main amicus site here.


  163 - 18 December 2002
NHS University, Pensions
  162 - 16 December 2002
Amicus MSF Section Job Vacancy Research/Organiser National Health Sector
  161 - 16 December 2002
National Occupational Standards, Agenda For Change Q & A
  160 - 10 December 2002
Agenda For Change Q & A
  159 - 9 December 2002
Alison Norman is the CPHVA's New President, NHS Pensions and Early Retirement, The Health Professions Council
  158 - 29 November 2002
Agenda For Change
  157 - 28 November 2002
Agenda For Change
  156 - 28 November 2002
Agenda For Change
  155 - 26 November 2002
Skill Mix, Agenda For Change, NHS Pensions
  154 - 8 November 2002
Agenda For Change, Statement on Agenda For Change, Fire-fighters Dispute
  153 - 5 November 2002
Health Professions Council, Agenda For Change
  152 - 18 October 2002
Membership of HGC, Evidence to PRB for Nursing Staff, Right to Care Campaign Conference, Pensions, CBI Demonstration, SALT Assistants' Roadshows
  151 - 11 October 2002
HPC Consultation, Lone Workers Survey, Healthcare Scientists, Part Time Workers Pensions, Aintree NHS Trust - Three Star Status, Pathology Modernisation, Bullying at Work
  150 - 26 September 2002
Skill Mix, Agenda For Change, NHS Pensions
  149 - 16 September 2002
Maternity Rights & Benefits, National Care Standards Commission, Asbestos, NHS Violence, HPC Post Card Campaign
  148 - 20 August 2002
Early Implementer Response Form, Early Implementer Trusts
  147 - 14 August 2002
Health Professions Council, Positively Diverse
  146 - 2 August 2002
amicus MSF response to 'Getting Ahead of the Curve', Implications of the Working Time Directive, RCSLT Councillor for Service Management, Health Professions Council, National Association of Theatre Nurses
  145 - 22 July 2002
Head of Health Sabbatical, National Association of Theatre Nurses, Health Professions Council, Pathology Services, Early Implementers, Changing Workforce Programme, Whitehall College Courses, Latex Allergy
  144 - 5 July 2002
Agenda for Change
  143 - 4 July 2002
Consultants Contracts, Nursing & Midwifery Council, Health Protection Agency, Allied Health Professionals & Healthcare Scientists Summit, NAPRB Visits
  142 - 1 July 2002
TUPE & Redundancy, The Beckmann Ruling, Trusts Paying Less Than Whitley Rates, Stress at Work
  141 - 17 June 2002
Access to E-mail for all NHS Staff, Correspondence to Prime Minister Tony Blair, PTB Pay Ballot, NHS Modernisation & Human Resources, PCT - Franchise Plans
  140 - 24 May 2002
Agenda for Change, Working Time Directive, PRB Site Visits, Dignity At Work Bill, Needle Stick Injuries
  137 - 30 April 2002
HR Strategy, Pay for Senior Managers, New Salary Scales for Pharmacists & Maintenance Staff, National Occupational Standards Project in Healthcare Science, Healthcare Scientists Roadshows 2002, Salary Protection, Cytology Screeners, DoH Communications Bulletin
  136 - 24 April 2002
Response from John Hutton Meeting, Tony Blair on 'Breakfast With Frost', Recruitment of AHPs & HCSs, NHS Reps Course at Whitehall College, Application Forms
  135 - 17 April 2002
Report on Job Evaluation, CPHVA Return to Practice Courses, DoH Communications Bulletins
  134 - 15 April 2002
Meeting with John Hutton MP Minister of State for Health, Briefing note:, Whitley Council PTB, Whitley Council PTA, Family of Psychology, College of Healthcare Chaplains, Nurses and Midwives Advance Letter, Amended PCT Governance Arrangements
  132 - 21 March 2002
DoH Communication Bulletins, Working Towards the Diabetes NSF, Reps Courses at Whitehall College, Labour Party Policy Forum, Status of Pay Claims
  131 - 8 March 2002
Statement on Quest Diagnostics, Report on Joint PTB Pay Meeting, Letter to Pat Urry re: PTB Pay Round, Nurses' & Midwives' Advance Letter, Agenda For Change update - Job Evaluation and Knowledge & Skills Framework
  130 - 22 February 2002
Agenda For Change, Working Hours, Annual Whitley pay claims, MTO Job Evaluation concerns, Key Worker Housing, Cytology Backlog, Guidance For Reps, DoH Communication Bulletins
  127 - 20 January 2002
Speech to New Health Network by Alan Millburn, Minister for Health - Redefining the National Health Service


  126 - 17 December 2001
Pay Review Body, Cost of Living Supplements, Whitley Council PTB, NHS University, Staff Involvement in PCTs, Job Evaluation, Agenda For Change, Health Select Committee, New Nursing & Midwifery Council, Vacancy for Professional Recruitment Advisor for Allied Health Professionals, Changes in Reps Direct, Xmas Period Shutdown


125 - 20 November 2001
Agenda For Change, 2002 Spring Bank Holiday, Medical Technical Officers, Professional Regulation, Practice Nurses, Community Budgets, TUC Rally
  124 - 1 November 2001
Agenda For Change, Local Pay Agreement - Medical Laboratory Assistants, NHS Staff (Child Care, Advance Letters, Pathology Modernisation
  122 - 11 October 2001
Advanced Practitioner, PPP and Labour Party Conference, Agreement on MLSO progression, Rally and Lobby of Parliament for a better NHS, Pharmacy: Emergency Duty Commitment Payments, Consultation, Recruitment Drive, National Union of Professional Interpreters & Translators (NUPIT, School Nurse Grading, Speech From Roger Lyons Supporting Composite 4 On Public Services, Reps Direct Form
  121 - 1 October 2001
Immediate and Urgent Action - 2nd Tranche of Job Evaluation, Reps Direct Form
  120 - 14 September 2001
Getting The Message Through To You, Prb Evidence, Local Modernisation Reviews, Shifting The Balance Of Power Within The Nhs, The Latest Improving Working Lives Toolkit, Grading Handbooks, Congestion Charging, Agreements Trawl
  119 - 4 September 2001
Agenda for Change, Education, Discretionary Points, Inquiry into the Role of the Private Sector in the NHS, Making IT Happen, Useful Information, Regulation, Mental Health Officer status - update, Workforce Taskforce, MSF Women's Weekend, Agreements Trawl, Barrie Brown Is The CPHVA'S New Head Of Labour Relations, On Call Payments Survey, MSF Accredited Reps Form
  116 - 13 July 2001
PPP and the NHS, Discretionary Points, Pensions Modernisation, Team Bonuses, Speech and Language Therapist Assistants, HR Strategy for Healthcare Scientists, Health Professions Council, Discretionary Points Survey, The Future of the NHS
  Agenda For Change - June/July 2001
  114 - 18 May 2001
Operation PCT, Health Section Conference, Advance Letters, Use of Pay Flexibilities, Review Body Visits, Discretionary Points
  112 - 21 March 2001
National Secretary Health, Health Section Office, Pathology Mapping, Deals on Wheels, PPP and Pathology, Surveys, Changing Workforce Programme, Individual Learning Accounts
  109 - 8 January 2001
Revised Pay Offer For Non-Pay Review Body Staff

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