RepsDirect No 170 - 6 March 2003

Head of Health, Roger Spiller General Secretary, Roger Lyons

1 NHS University

Consultation on the NHSU (NHS University) Development Plan closed on February 21st. In it's response Amicus MSF highlighted the following key points:

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2 Agenda For Change Regional Briefings

Further to the announcement of our Regional Briefings on Agenda For Change in issue 167 of RepsDirect. Please note one correction and one addition; the 19th March London meeting will now be taking place in Southampton. Bangor, North Wales has been added for the 18th March. Please contact your local office for further details.

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3 Amicus wins bid for NHS Learning Organisers

We are delighted to report our successful bid for 500,000 to the Union Learning Fund operated by the Department for Education and Skills and thus for England only. A full explanation of the project is provided below. This will involve the appointment of three NHS Learning Organisers, for three years, one in each of the three new Amicus regions, Southern; Eastern; North East. With success we anticipate the project would expand into the surrounding regions. CPD is so important a part of the AFC process that the new organisers will play an important role in AFC implementation.

Learning and Development for Healthcare Professionals
The key aims and objectives of this project are designed to build upon a number of initiatives to promote Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for healthcare workers.  These initiatives include the NHSU, NHS ILA's and the establishment of Learning Representatives.

The aims and objectives of the project are therefore to:

Despite significant funding being allocated for lifelong learning in the NHS, it is our experience that many members and representatives either do not know about the opportunities available, or do not know how to access them.  Whilst CPD has been recognised as crucial to the success of the health service and the delivery of patient care, and is a key part of Agenda for Change, it is not yet deeply embedded in workplaces. 

The project will support the appointment of dedicated project workers who will ensure that learning representatives, workplace representatives, full time officers and employers are fully briefed on the opportunities provided by CPD and are able to make the most of these new initiatives. 

We plan to build working partnerships with Trusts, and identify new targets as the project develops over a three year period.  Initially, the targets will be 1 Primary Care Trust and 1 Acute Trust in each of the 3 Regions.  The project will develop a rolling programme, identifying new targets every 6-9 months, eventually covering around 30 Trusts. These employers will be expected to provide:

Co-operation with and access for the NHS Learning Organisers.

The project will concentrate on three RDA Regions:

These Regions are the same as Amicus Regions.  Within each Region there will be local targets identified.  The NHS Learning Organisers will assist target Trusts in establishing relationships with local LSC's and Workforce Development Confederations.  The Regions also cover 9 Strategic Health Authorities, which will also be consulted regarding priorities in their areas.

The project will be under the general management of the Director of Education,        Dr Sarah Howard.  The day to day running of the project will be co-ordinated by Alan Roe, Education Officer, who will effectively be the Project Manager.  The role of the Project Manager will be to:

The National Secretary for Health and their research and support staff will be consulted regarding the above, where appropriate.  Regional Secretaries, Officers and Organisers in the targeted Regions will also be directly and actively involved with the project.   A member of the Education Staff will brief the Regional Teams.  The Lifelong Learning Research Officer, Hannah Wood, will provide research support.  The Research Officer will also be responsible for working with the University of Leeds on ongoing monitoring and evaluation of the project.

Alan Roe - Education Officer

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4 Community Nurse Car Vandalism

The full extent of the car vandalism suffered by community nurses is set to be revealed by a Community Practitioners' and Health Visitors' Association (CPHVA) survey.

One of the hottest issues for members of the CPHVA and the Community Psychiatric Nurses Association (CPNA) is the damage caused to their cars while visiting clinics/health centres or visiting clients and patients at home, whether accidentally or as a result of mindless vandalism.

The questions will focus on how many times have vehicles been vandalised, do employers offer any form of reimbursement, have insurance premiums been raised because cars have been repeatedly damaged while on NHS business and have members lost their 'no claims' bonus.

The CPHVA's Head of Labour Relations Barrie Brown said: 'This is a problem that seems to be getting worse. We want our survey to establish the facts, so we can lobby to ensure that our members receive a fair deal should their cars be damaged while on duty.'

'Unfortunately, we are expecting to hear some real horror stories when our members return their questionnaires. This survey is part of our Deals on Wheels campaign which aims to see that community nurses get better terms and conditions when using their cars.'

Once the survey results have been analysed in the spring, they will be used to provide the facts for a briefing paper which will be prepared for the amicus parliamentary group of more than 100 MPs. The issue was debated by the amicus-MSF Conference.

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5 Roadshows on Agenda for Change - April 2003

Please see full details of the venues for the Agenda for Change roadshows attached below. The booking form is also attached and colleagues can now go ahead and start booking their places.

The seminars will be presented on a partnership basis between management and staff sides and will explore the implications and expectations of the new pay system. The seminars are aimed at chief executives, chairs, non-executive and executive directors as well, of course, at senior HR and staff side representatives. The events are free of charge and the seminars are being run twice on each date at the venues listed below:-

8th April       Le Meridien Piccadilly Hotel, 21 Piccadilly, London
11th April      Le Meridien Palace, Oxford Street, Manchester,
14th April      Hyatt Regency Hotel, 2 Bridge Street, Birmingham
16th April      Marriott City Centre Hotel, 2 Lower Street, Bristol
22nd April      Holiday Inn Hotel, Great North Road, Seaton Burn, Newcastle

To book your place please choose between the morning and afternoon session
in the region you would like to attend and return the booking form at the base of this Reps Direct.

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