RepsDirect No 172 - 31 March 2003

Head of Health, Roger Spiller General Secretary, Roger Lyons

Agenda For Change

The following statement was overwhelmingly adopted by last Friday's meeting of Amicus Health National Advisory Committee. Agenda for Change Amicus MSF Position Amicus believes the principles of Equal Value should be applied to the whole of the Agenda for Change process and any agreements which result from that principle. We further believe that before members can be asked to indicate their support or otherwise for the Agenda for Change proposal, they should be in a position to reasonably assess their own place on the proposed scales. Members will also need to be certain of the protections, and other arrangements, which will apply on implementation. Amicus recognise the progress which has been made towards these ends and believes that the Early Implementation process and the subsequent review of the arrangements, are capable of resolving the outstanding issues. In these circumstances we agree that we should ballot members with a recommendation that the process of Early Implementation and the subsequent review should proceed. After the inclusion of the negotiated review conclusions in the Agenda for Change "proposed agreement", Amicus will ballot its members on whether they accept the modified "proposed agreement" for full roll out in October 2004. By the time that ballot takes place two of the proposed increases in pay under the three year, 10% proposal would have occurred.

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