RepsDirect No 191 - 15 July 2003

Head of Health, Gail Cartmail General Secretary, Roger Lyons

1 Requirements

The requirements for any person willing to become an A4C Representative are;

  1. To be a member of Amicus
  2. To be elected by an appropriate group of members
  3. To be accredited by Amicus to carry out their duties
  4. To undertake the appropriate training of a basic representative's course and any specific A4C courses accredited by Amicus or the DOH.

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2 Roles and responsibilities

The role and responsibilities of an A4C Representative are;

  1. To be responsible for an agreed, distinct and finite group of members
  2. The above group of members makeup will be determined by, workplace, professional group and number of members. The number of members will not normally be greater than 20.
  3. To assist members in the update and writing of job descriptions.
  4. To give expert advise, on behalf of Amicus members, to the local job evaluation matching panel.
  5. To monitor A4C implementation in their area and keep their group of members informed.
  6. To liaise with the Senior Amicus Representatives and A4C representatives.
  7. The A4C representative will not be obliged to undertake any other union work that is not directly related to A4C.
  8. A4C representatives will be able to resign from this position at any time.

You can download a copy of the flier by clicking here.

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