RepsDirect No 200 - 14 August 2003

Head of Health, Gail Cartmail General Secretary, Roger Lyons

1 Staff Side Agrees New Profiles

The Staff Side has agreed a further 22 profiles. These are listed attached. The profiles are available from the DOH website or from (please indicate which profile you require). These will also be published in a volume once further profiles are agreed.

Shortly three further lists will be available:

We recognise the urgent need for as many profiles as possible for Early Implementer sites and our aim is to accelerate the clearance of profiles during August where at all possible to facilitate effective delivery of the plan for the job evaluation in these sites.

In addition the JSG has agreed to share with EI sites a draft version of the NHS Job Evaluation scheme "Guide for Jobholders Completing The Job Analysis Questionnaire (JAQ)". This guide is intended for health service employees who have been asked to complete a job analysis questionnaire for local evaluation. This will complement the Job Analysis Guide already with EI sites.

We can report that we are making progress with the profiles for Cytology Screener and Operating Department Practitioner. We are also hopeful that we can agree other profiles in pathology. A major programme of work has been agreed in pharmacy focused around the Guys and St. Thomasís site. We are beginning to focus on filling the gaps with Medical Technical Officers. At the same time we are about to launch a major initiative to reject the use of the profiles in Dental Nursing unless we obtain clarification shortly on when and by whom they were agreed.

Where there are profiling gaps many EI sites are preparing for local evaluations. This work is premature. Where there still is a reasonable prospect of nationally agreed profiles we urge members not to co-operate with such efforts. There may be a time when it is clear that we have to agree to disagree on some profiles and local evaluations are needed. But that time is not now and will be decided in partnership at the JSG.

Band 1

Band 2
Clinical Coding Officer - Entry Level
Clinical Support Worker (Occupational Therapy)
Healthcare Assistant
Healthcare Assistant - Community
Payroll Clerk

Band 3
Healthcare Assistant - Community Higher Level
Occupational Therapy Technician
Payroll Team Leader
Personal Secretary - Higher Level
Sewing Room Supervisor

Band 4
Personal Assistant

Band 5
Occupational Therapist

Band 7
Chaplain Manager
Health Visitor (Community Practice Teacher)
Highly Specialist Therapy Radiographer
Midwifery Section/Community Manager
Podiatry Section Manager

Band 8
Consultant Therapy Radiographer Professional Manager (Clinical, Clinical Technical Service, Social Services) Band 8A
Professional Manager (Clinical, Clinical Technical Service, Social Services) Band 8B/C
Professional Manager (Clinical, Clinical Technical Service, Social Services) Band 8D

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