RepsDirect No 225 - 11 December 2003

Head of Health, Gail Cartmail General Secretary, Roger Lyons

Agenda for Change - Members tips for updating job description

The job description is one element looked at when matching postholders to Agenda for Change job Profiles. This advice is for Amicus members and we ask workplace representatives to circulate it widely.

The job description (JD) is the very important first step in Agenda for Change (A4C).

There are some basic steps that all members should under take which will assist their representatives during the A4C process and achieve the best outcome.

In recognition of this here are some useful tips for members on the updating of the JD.

  1. Obtain a copy of your most recent JD. From either your line manager or Human Resources, If this proves problematic contact your local A4C representative.
  2. Read through your JD for accuracy.
  3. List any new duties/tasks that you now undertake which are not stated on your JD.
  4. List any duties/tasks that are not expressed in your JD that you feel may add value to your role and hence improve the matching outcome.
  5. Seek advice from your Amicus-msf A4C representative on the updating of the JD and your A4C representative will be holding local meetings to this end.
  6. If there is no Amicus-msf A4C representative within your department contact your Lead Amicus-msf representative to facilitate the recruitment of an A4C representative for your area.

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