RepsDirect No 236 - 21 January 2004

Head of Health, Gail Cartmail General Secretary, Derek Simpson

Workplace Representatives - Training Availability

This is this year’s first notification of available training for NHS workplace representatives.

There are three main areas to cover National, Regional/Countries and Professional. There will be an update on further training availability in the very near future.

In addition guidance on Agenda for Change is published on

1. National

The NHS Introductory for Representatives 1 (Whitehall College)
A must for all new reps
19-23 April, 10-14 May, 21-25 June 20-24 September
15-19 November 06-10 December
Application via your Regional officer

2. Regions/Countries

5 February - Dundee - Job Description Training
6 February - Aberdeen - Job Description Training
Plus two further dates TBA
Application via Regional Official Fiona Farmer, Dundee

North West
Job Description Training - 24, 25 February & 16 March - Leyland Preston
Job Description Training - 8 March - Prestwich Manchester
Application via Regional Official Mick Coyne, Salford

North East
4 March Agenda for Change Study day
Application via Regional Official Karen Reay, Newcastle

Job Description Training
Minimum two dates TBA in January/February
Application via Regional Official Steve Sloan, Caerphilly

Planning two training days, date and venue TBA

East Midlands
Planning one training day, date and venue TBA

Job Description training, 10, 11, 23 and 24 March - Moreland Street
Application via Regional Official Barrie Brown, London

3. Professional

Mental Health Professions Early Implementer training day, 29 January - King Street
Application via regional official Tina Mackay, London

MHNA Training day, 3 February - Moreland Street
Application via regional Official Karen Reay, Newcastle

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