RepsDirect No 250 - 5 March 2004

Head of Health, Gail Cartmail General Secretary, Derek Simpson

Amicus - Agenda for Change - The Second Ballot

In May 2003 78.9% of the health sector membership voted in support of Agenda for Change proceeding to the Early Implementer stage from 1 June 2003.

Work is underway to test AfC at the Early Implementer sites. The date by which staff were initially expected to be assimilated onto the new pay bands, 31 December 2003, was with hindsight unrealistic. Amicus is engaged in the process to produce Job Profiles beyond any other union and this work is continuing. We regard the delay in matching to be an inevitable by product of our intense work to achieve Job Profiles fit for use at EI sites. An important aspect of the study of outcomes from the EI sites is data on staff matched to job profiles.

We need to bear this in mind, and the importance of other issues that we have to deal with in the review process related to terms and conditions of employment when planning the second ballot of our members. The review will cover for example on-call and equal pay for work of equal value. Therefore the ballot is now due to take place in September 2004. The aim is to ensure that the facts will provide the basis for the membersí decision.

There are no plans to change the effective implementation date of 1 October 2004.

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