RepsDirect No 266 - 19 May 2004

Head of Health, Gail Cartmail General Secretary, Derek Simpson

Agenda for Change Update from the NHS Shadow Executive

The attached report sets out information about the review of AfC by the Shadow Executive, which is now underway. Amicus Head of Health is one of the six national union representatives on the Shadow Executive and the report includes a description of the role of the SE.

The partnership decision made well over a year ago to retain confidentiality in relation to the assimilation outcomes of the EI sites until this process is complete (and more recently endorsed by the employers and unions in relation to Scotland's four pilots) has created a vacuum. For this reason some information about progress at EIs is contained within this report. The report by the Pay Review Body on its visits to Early Implementers of Agenda for Change will soon be available. This also highlights areas of concern that Reps Direct has previously reported, which will be looked at in the review. Unofficial reports of contentious issues, for example the percentages of staff requiring protection, ahead of full assimilation and the review is fuelling concern. Interim reports based on monitoring data available to the SE is based on staff groups assimilated so far. In the main this excludes many groups and professions of particular interest to Amicus. The reason for this is that many Amicus groups are still lining up for matching. The fact that this information is incomplete means that it may also be misleading.

In the meantime leaked reports from EI sites about 'rogue' matching are being tackled both at national and local levels.

The Amicus AfC Guide to Reps/Stewards is being cascaded by Regional training events and will be also be sent out as an attachment to Reps Direct.

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