RepsDirect No 267 - 19 May 2004

Head of Health, Gail Cartmail General Secretary, Derek Simpson

Shadow Executive Advice on Agenda for Change - Job Descriptions

The text below sets out the advice from the Shadow Executive, which is also highlighted in the AfC training handbook as the process to follow in matching. This elaborates the wording of the Job Evaluation Handbook, which refers to 'existing job descriptions'. The Shadow Executive expect this guidance to be followed and job descriptions used in matching to be agreed between the postholder and manager.


Frequently asked questions at AfC meetings and training sessions concern job descriptions - whether they should be updated; whether they should follow the JE national profile or KSF format; whether there is a recommended format. Documents have circulated recently, which give misleading and unhelpful information, so it may be helpful to re-state the position.

The advice is, and always has been that:

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