RepsDirect No 298 - 23 July 2004

Head of Health, Gail Cartmail General Secretary, Derek Simpson

Job Descriptions

Clear lessons have been learnt by the experiences of Early Implementer sites on the importance of Job Descriptions.

At one EI site our reps/stewards reported a higher than expected incidence of Reviews (appeals against Band Matches). This site has now started on the Review process, which our reps/stewards inform us are resulting in changes to band matches. The principle reason for the incorrect match at this site seems to be the quality of information available to the matching panel, especially the Job Description.

Previous Reps Directs have covered Job Descriptions and they can be found on

NHS managers should be aware of AfC agreed guidance of JDs and the importance of staff having the opportunity to properly update and agree their JD with their line manager. Experience shows that rushing this work is counter-productive and will result in avoidable Reviews or grievances. Practice matching should only proceed with agreed JDs.

Reps/stewards should report to their Regional Officer any incidents where the agreed guidance on JDs is not being applied.

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