RepsDirect No 300 - 29 July 2004

Head of Health, Gail Cartmail General Secretary, Derek Simpson

Accreditation of AfC Job Matching, Evaluation and Analysis Training

Accreditation is a way of obtaining Open College Network (OCN) credit. The credits available for each course are around five. There is a cost, of around fifty pounds involved.

Amicus believe that OCN accreditation is not essential and the absence of individual OCN credits does not detract in anyway from the standard or quality of any part of the matching, job analyst evaluation or KSF training and therefore it is an individual choice. However if a rep feels accreditation would be beneficial this would be a matter for local negotiation between local management and the staffside.

OCN accreditation is not an external means of validation or an external means of quality control of the course; these two areas are the remit of the Job Evaluation Working Party and the local level partnership.
Accreditation is not needed for protection against litigation against an individual matcher such proceedings could only be taken against the employer as this would be a case of the employer’s vicarious liability.

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