RepsDirect No 328 - 12 November 2004

Head of Health, Gail Cartmail General Secretary, Derek Simpson

Amicus members vote YES in AfC Ballot

Amicus members have voted to accept AfC.

17,519 (56.7%) YES
13,381(43.3%) NO

Papers distributed 73,849
Papers returned 30,934 - 41.8% turnout
Papers blank/spoilt 34
Counted 30,900

In a statement issued today National Officer Gail Cartmail said:

"This vote signals the start of our work to ensure AfC is rolled out across the UK consistently and with the benefits to our members that we saw in the Early Implementer sites. We are also resolved to sort out the teething problems that the testbed sites identified. Amicus will step up our work to recruit and train more workplace representatives who are the frontline force for change. We can see from this vote that many Amicus members are still uncertain. This uncertainty reflects the gaps in the information available for our members. We will be re-doubling our efforts in the immediate future to close this information gap."

Amicus General Secretary, Derek Simpson, sent the following message to workplace representatives:

"By a big majority Amicus members voted last year to test AfC at the Early Implementer sites. This work went ahead with your support and unstinting commitment. Our policy was to let the members decide and they have. It is the workplace representatives who are the backbone of our union and it is you who will carry the work forward from here. I applaud your efforts and will do all that I can to ensure that you succeed in your work to secure Amicus aims and objectives within the health economy. That means secure jobs and pensions."

Health Sector National Committee chair Russell Cowell added:

"At least the wait for Amicus is over and we can now begin the work of making sure that Amicus provides the necessary support to all members wherever and whenever it is needed. I look forward to leading the National Committee so we can rise to the difficult challenges that may lie ahead."

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