RepsDirect No 337 - 14 December 2004

Head of Health, Gail Cartmail General Secretary, Derek Simpson

TUC HIV/Aids Conference

Yesterday the TUC's Public Services Liaison Group agreed a statement on public service pension schemes, which Amicus wholeheartedly supported.

Along with the other public service unions, Amicus declared our determination to campaign strongly together to oppose deeply damaging changes to public service pension schemes. A strong common theme is to increase the normal pension age, normally to 65 in schemes which offer pensions at earlier ages.

The TUC will be seeking an urgent meeting with senior Ministers to press union concerns and seek the evidence on which Government proposals are based and genuine negotiation on any proposed changes, with the aim of offering real choice.

Amicus will join with other unions to intensify the campaign. This will include lobbying MPs, and planning for a day of action in the New Year.

The meeting agreed that if constructive progress is not made the possibility of industrial action may then arise. Amicus will keep workplace representatives and members informed of all developments.

The full statement is attached .

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