RepsDirect No 367 - 5 April 2005

Head of Health, Gail Cartmail General Secretary, Derek Simpson

Health Sector Training

Reps Direct 362 listed the national training courses arranged to date, one of these - June 20/21 at Ruskin College - has been cancelled by the college.

The courses listed below have places available. If you wish to attend one of these please complete the application form as soon as possible.

Venue: John Smith House, Glasgow

May 31/June 1
June 21/22
July 5/6

Please note: this training is being held at the Glasgow office; those requiring overnight accommodation after the first training day will be accommodated at a city centre hotel.

Venue: Ruskin College, Oxford

May 23/24
June 13/14
June 27/28
September 19/20

Overnight accommodation is provided by the College.

The programme for these courses is as previously outlined. Applications should be made on the attached registration form or applications should be made on the registration form appended to Reps Direct 345.

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