RepsDirect No 372 - 12 April 2005

Head of Health, Gail Cartmail General Secretary, Derek Simpson

NHS Pension Scheme Review "fresh start" negotiations

The Government's position on public services pensions has changed significantly and the diktat that the normal pension age of 60 will rise to 65 is now negotiable. This victory is the result of a combination of factors; our members determination, as shown by the local government ballot for industrial action, political lobbying locally and nationally, and co-ordinated trade union negotiation over recent weeks.

The Cabinet now accepts that all aspects of the Government's proposals are open to discussion and negotiation. This includes the proposed plans to increase the normal pension age. TUC affiliates used a special Summit called by Alan Johnson as an opportunity to press home our determined and united opposition to the common cause we share, no increase to the normal pension age. Amicus raised our very serious concerns that an imposed increase the normal pension age is a breach of trust as NHS employees opted to work for the NHS on the understanding that the NHS Pension Scheme was a secure entitlement. We also pressed home our concern that NHS employees deserve choice to work beyond the normal pension age if they wish but not to be penalised for leaving at the existing pension age.

Joint statement:

Please read the attachment to see where this leaves the NHS Pension Scheme Review Consultation

NHS Pension Review - AMICUS analysis of CARE

Pension letter - April 2005

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