RepsDirect No 381 - 20 June 2005

Head of Health, Gail Cartmail General Secretary, Derek Simpson

Agenda for Change: incremental dates

The staff council executive has been discussing the issue of the application of paragraph 46.28 of the terms and conditions handbook. This issue has become commonly known as ‘leapfrogging’.

The staff side first placed this on the executive agenda in February proposing either a change to the agreement or a mechanism to advance incrementally those who would otherwise receive a new incremental date of 1st October 2005.

Unfortunately the executive could not reach agreement on advice for this.

The staff side position is that the paragraph 46.28 is producing unfairness since long serving staff are finding others with much less service are incrementally advancing up to 51 weeks ahead of them.

The staff side is aware that many employers and staff sides have already agreed solutions in partnership to this issue.

To assist amicus reps to reach local agreements on this please find attached the agreement reached in the Birmingham and Black Country SHA which we recommend to trusts and staff sides as the basis for local agreements.

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