RepsDirect No 391 - 2 September 2005

Head of Health, Gail Cartmail General Secretary, Derek Simpson

AfC Implemention Target in England

The staff council executive wrote to Andrew Foster (attached) with their concerns about the 30th September deadline for AfC assimilation in England. The executive have received a reply from Andrew Foster to the joint letter from the Management and Staff Side of the Staff Council. Both letters are attached. The letter from the Deptartment of Health indicates that they are seeking to send out a message that the 30th September is still the target date but recognise that it will not be met in a number of Trusts and are prepared to discuss how that is managed.

It is important that the Department of Health have stated that the integrity of the process must be maintained. This is a clear steer to those SHAs that have attempted to short cut the process by proposing assimilation of all jobs not matched or evaluated by 30th September which is not acceptable. Incidents of departure from the AfC agreement should be reported by Reps to Regional Officers.

If you have any question arising from this edition of Reps Direct please contact your Regional Officer.

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