RepsDirect No 615 - 6 February 2007

Head of Health, Kevin Coyne General Secretary, Derek Simpson

Ballot on Merger with T&GWU commences
Dear Colleagues,

The historic ballot to determine the future direction of the Union through merger with the T&GWU has commenced. The ballot will be conducted by the Electoral Reform Society, but because of the size of the task, it may take several days before you and your members receive your ballot paper.

Any member who joined the Union up to and including 31st January is entitled to vote in the ballot.

A helpline has been established to assist members who have not received their ballot paper. This is 0845 850 4242 in the UK and 1890 946 241 in the Republic of Ireland. But please advise that sufficient time should elapse to allow for postage of ballots and that the number should not be used prior to Friday 16th February 2007.

I would remind all reps that the NEC has given a very clear recommendation in favour of the yes vote and I would call upon you to advise your members accordingly. Materials in support of the yes vote are available from Regional Offices and on the Amicus web site.

The ballot will close on Wednesday 7th March 2007 and all ballot papers must be received by the ERS before that date. The result should be available, shortly afterwards.

Help to contribute to a resounding yes vote in this historic ballot by using your vote in favour of a merger with the T&GWU.

If you have any question arising from this edition of Reps Direct please contact your Regional Officer.

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