RepsDirect No 633 - 27 April 2007

Head of Health, Kevin Coyne General Secretary, Derek Simpson

2007 Pay Award


I set out below the Agreed Position of the Health Sector National Committee in regard to the 2007 Pay Award. The National Committee met yesterday 26th April 2007 and discussed at length the offer of a staged award following the Pay Review Body award and it resolved the following.

The National Committee recognises the anger and disappointment of health workers, covered by the Nurses and other Health Professions Review Body, at the government’s decision to award a below inflation 2.5%. This to be staged in two instalments, effectively, giving it a value of only 1.9% over the year 2007/8, though not in Scotland where it has been announced that the award will be paid in full.

The Committee noted an identical staged offer from the English and Welsh employers on the Pay Negotiating Council.

Accordingly the Committee agreed to:

Dependent upon negotiations to reconvene the Health Service National Committee at an appropriate point in the campaign to consider what further action may be taken including consideration of an industrial action ballot of all the Health Sector membership.

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