RepsDirect No 650 - 31 May 2007

Head of Health, Kevin Coyne General Secretary, Derek Simpson

Staff 2007/2008 Pay deal selective action


To date the staff side have received no response to its request to meet with the Chancellor over the staging of this years pay award. You will be aware that I, on behalf of members, rejected the staged payment of 2% imposed by the Government, which overrode the PRB award of 2.5%. The representatives at the PNC did likewise. This was the recommendation of the Amicus Health Sector Committee at its last meeting. This reflects the view that the integrity of the PRB should be upheld and maintained by the Government and that it is our job, as a union, to ensure this. I am obliged to reconvene the National Committee if there is no improvement in the Government's position. They will then determine what action, if necessary, we wish to take.

You will be aware that other health service unions are preparing to ballot for Industrial action. Both sections of Unite are also now engaged in our preparations so that all options are open. If a ballot does go ahead it will, probably, commence in mid August and conclude in mid September.

Prior to this, and for guidance of the National Committee, I would be grateful if you could let me know about feelings on pay at your Trust and the likely outcome of a vote on industrial action. (Remember this does not have to be only Strike may include "Action short of a strike") I would also like to know if there are any Trusts where feeling is running so high that they may be interested in taking part in selective industrial action, in conjunction with other Health Service Unions. Eg action at one trust per Region with support from members not in dispute at other trusts. I would stress that, at the moment, I require this information for guidance only and it in no way indicates a preferred option. It is simply a method of being imaginative, in our response to lack of progress, identifying possible future tactics and, above all, finding out what you, the reps, feel is achievable.

I would be grateful for your prompt response to this request.


Kevin Coyne,
National Officer, Head of Health

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