RepsDirect No 723 - 10 December 2007

Head of Health, Kevin Coyne General Secretary, Derek Simpson

Sign up to ETUC campaign for high quality public services


In November 2006 the European TUC launched a petition against the market liberisation of public services. Broadly in line with NHS Together campaign against Privatisation and fragmentation the petition is hoping to attract in excess of one million signatures. Under EU law this will enable the petitioners to access the statutory bodies of the EU and to argue for a change in direction. In that sense the petition is different from those we are used to in the UK and does, with requisite signatures, guarantee a hearing and the prospect of change. Please access the petition through the attached link and feel free to cascade to all your contacts. The UK, currently is poorly represented in the signature total and I would ask you to make every effort to reverse this.

Kevin Coyne
Head of Health

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