RepsDirect No 750 - 3 April 2008

Head of Health, Kevin Coyne General Secretary, Derek Simpson

NHS Knowledge and Skills Framework (KSF) - Frequently Asked Questions - Updated March 2008

The 20 most frequently asked questions about the KSF have now been published on the NHS Employers' website ( under the following link

These may be useful for your union learning reps, staff-side and management KSF leads (don't forget your organisation should have one of each!), managers and individuals - ie everyone covered by the NHS Agenda for Change agreement and their organisations.

There is also a lot of information about the Framework on the website

Please contact Kate Oultram (kate.oultram at ) if your Reps' team or members need any support from Unite with KSF for particular professional or staff groups.

Kevin Coyne
Head of Health

If you have any question arising from this edition of Reps Direct please contact your Regional Officer.

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