RepsDirect No 759 - 29 April 2008

Head of Health, Kevin Coyne General Secretary, Derek Simpson

National Three Year Pay Proposal


You will be aware that on 22nd April the Unite (Amicus) Health Sector National Committee rejected the proposed three year offer outlined previously by the NHS employers on behalf of all health sector members.

The reason for this rejection was:

a) The low level of the awards each year compared with the expected level of inflation.

b) The break clause for the proposed agreement, should inflation rise, was not sufficiently robust enough.

c) The restructuring of the bands comprised within the offer were not considered to be attractive to our membership.

I enclose a briefing paper on the above and would advise that I have written to the employers on behalf of Unite, RCM, SoCP, BOS, GMB and BDS seeking further discussion on the offer. I would now be grateful if every workplace in receipt of this communication could organise a briefing/consultation meeting with members of the Trust. The T&GWU section have also taken a similar position and it would be appropriate to invite T&G members where possible. Please let me have feedback on your meetings and feel free to contact your local official if you require help or assistance in organising the meetings.

It is essential that we receive the widest reaction from our members to this proposal and would advise that all employers are aware of the consultations taking place.

I would be grateful if this exercise could be concluded by the end of May 2008.

Kevin Coyne

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