Partnership For Care
Launch of the Health White Paper
27 February 2003

Around 150 people attended the launch at the Balmoral Hotel, Edinburgh. This report is compiled from notes taken during the launch, is for information only and does not constitute formal minutes. Consequently, I take no responsibility for any inaccuracies, errors or omissions. Opinions expressed within the notes are those expressed at the launch and have been included for completeness. This does not necessarily mean I agree with them.

NHSScotland Chief Executive Trevor Jones opened the meeting by giving a presentation on the Health White Paper, "Partnership For Care". The overall direction set in "Our National Health" was not changing. The Executive were still hoping to improve the health of the people of Scotland and modernise the NHS.

NHSScotland Chief Executive Trevor Jones then announced that the Health Improvement Challenge would be published the following Monday and presented the major themes from Partnership For Care. He said that the amount of discussion prior to the publication of the document should mean that there are no surprises. The broad direction is still the same but te timescale has shortened and the plan is to change things more quickly.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

This will be launched at a conference on Monday. It is not just on the agenda for the NHS but for the whole public sector and for society in general.

Chapter 3

This is the first part of the NHS Agenda and some clear messages. Patient involvement in the planning, development and assessment of services was covered and communication is vital.

Chapter 4

At the heart of the White Paper is the QSI. It should be able to achieve consistency across the whole of NHSScotland. A 5million population is a completely different situation from a 50million population south of the border. The 15 Health Councils will be replaced by a Scottish Health Council.

Chapter 5

Chapter 6


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Guild of Healthcare Pharmacists

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