RepsDirect No 210 - 26 September 2003

Head of Health, Gail Cartmail General Secretary, Roger Lyons

1 Advice to Early Implementer Sites on Matching Job Profiles - Joint Secretariat Group Statement 18.09.03

The advice set out in the attached file sets out a clear statement in relation to matching people to profiles in EI sites:

"... we have become aware of late that individuals and or organisations are preparing job profiles unilaterally. There is a joint national process to prepare and agree profiles. We believe it is important, in order to maintain both partnership working and to ensure consistency, that the national joint process is followed. Writing job profiles without very detailed training is likely to be very unhelpful in terms of raising or lowering expectations of the payband outcome. Clearly this should not be happening and we urge that unilateral job profile production is actively discouraged."

The full statement sets out a report on profiles that complements the most recent Amicus Status Report, also attached. Reps on EI sites should alert the relevant Best Practice Facilitator and Amicus Official if there is evidence that this advice is being disregarded however our expectation is that the commitment to Partnership Working at JSG and at local level will avert any further difficulties.

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