RepsDirect No 263 - 30 April 2004

Head of Health, Gail Cartmail General Secretary, Derek Simpson

New National Profiles and Status Report

Please find attached the latest Status Report on Profiles.

The last meeting of the Shadow Executive signed off the following profiles relevant to Amicus members.
  • Pharmacy Technician (Entry Level)
Band 3
  • Pharmacy Technician
Band 4
  • Pharmacy Technician (Higher)
Band 5
  • Specialist/Team Leader Pharmacy Technician
Band 6
  • Chief Pharmacy Technician
Band 7

  • Chief Pharmacist/Director of Pharmaceutical Services

Band 8c - beyond 8d
  • Estates Operations Officer
Band 6
  • Estates Operations Manager
Band 7

Can we thank all the Amicus members involved in creating these profiles.

The profiles have not yet been published on the DOH website. The site address for profiles has changed: - look in policy and guidance - and then human resources and training - and then modernising pay - and then agenda for change.

Expanding on the status report we have agreed the following profiling priorities.

Physiological Measurement At current state of progress we expect a family of profiles for application across the career range and disciplines to be published within 3-4 weeks.

Pathology We expect the Specialist BMS profile to be published shortly. Amicus have only proposed drafting amendments that make the profile more robust. We hope that a Highly Specialist BMS profile will follow shortly after and then again by a Consultant profile.

Community Nursing Band 7 profiles for Specialist or Enhanced Practice Health Visitors, CPNs and other specialist practitioners are required by Amicus ahead of our second ballot September 2004 and desired in the very near future. We have agreed with other nursing Unions these are a priority, although we are leading on the actual work to make them a reality.

Estates We now intend to produce a Band 8 profile for the most senior managers.

Professions Complementary to Dentistry We are now confident of making further progress in dental nursing and dental therapy.

Thanks to all the lay representatives who are helping make progress in these areas.

The work on completing profiles in some job families is continuing and detailed in the report. It is now clear that there is some delays with producing profiles for some groups. Amicus has submitted Job Analysis Questionnaires (JAQs) for key profiles in some groups (e.g. Arts Psychotherapy ) or in some cases across the whole career structure (e.g. Medical Photography/Illustration). For other profiles discussions over drafts have stalled (e.g. Medical Physics). The Head of Health has requested that Colin Adkins seeks to prioritise clearing any 'blockages' in the profiling work which will enable our members to make an informed choice in the second ballot.

Other groups are working on guidance on how members may map across on profiles from other groups (e.g. Family Therapy and Psychology profiles).

Amicus is monitoring the outcome of matches and addressing abuses of procedure where we think that this has occurred.

Technical papers have been produced on the following:

If you wish to raise any queries regarding this Reps Direct please contact Colin Adkins at: or 020 7939 7070.

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