RepsDirect No 293 - 5 July 2004

Head of Health, Gail Cartmail General Secretary, Derek Simpson

Information from Early Implementer Sites

When Early Implementer sites were agreed and established to test AfC from June 2003 onwards it was agreed in partnership that Band matches and assimilation results would remain confidential until the process was completed. This was to ensure staff were informed first of the outcomes affecting them. For very good reasons this process is taking longer than expected, for example our development of National Profiles is still underway. With this in mind Amicus sought at national level an agreement to relax this confidentiality. The attachment shows information we have gleaned from our reps/stewards at EI sites who have taken care not to balance individual's rights to confidentiality with the need to share information. It is only a snapshot. A more comprehensive analysis will be undertaken prior to the second ballot.

Also attached is the latest Status Report, which sets out where we are in the development of National profiles.

A separate Reps Direct will be sent out with the tightened guidance now being applied in relation to Job Matching.

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