Pensions Consultation Information

The NHS is carrying out a consultation of staff on proposed changes to the NHS Pensions Scheme. South of the border, the consultation period is from 1st September until 30th November 2006.

In Scotland, though, this consultation runs from 3rd October 2006 until 5th January 2007.

This page links together some of the consultation documentation and Amicus publications on the proposals. Consultation papers are taken from both the Scottish Public Pensions Agency (SPPA) and NHS Employers websites. There are also links to other resources including a leaflet explaining exactly what a pension is.

The 2005 Consultation Papers are included for completeness, but are no longer under discussion.

  Pensions Consultation Documentation
Source Document
SPPA Review of Ill-health Retirement Benefits - SpensIR covering letter
SPPA Review of Ill-health Retirement Benefits proposals document
Scottish Govt. NHS Pension Changes Agreed - Scottish Govt. press release
SPPA 2006 Full proposals document
SPPA Proposals at-a-glance
SPPA Consultation flier
SPPA Background to the changes
SPPA Proposed scheme changes
SPPA How to Respond
NHS Employers Pensions at-a-glance

  2005 Consultation Documents
SPPA Summary of proposals
SPPA Full proposals document

  Useful Weblinks
  SPPA NHS Superannuation Scheme Home Page
  SPPA NHS Pension Changes Home Page
  Questions and answers about the background to the review on the NHS Pension Scheme
  Questions and answers regarding the changes to the current NHS Pension Scheme
  Questions and answers regarding the second consultation part of the NHS Pension Scheme Review

  Amicus Reps Direct Bulletins
  742 - 28 February 2008
NHS Pensions
  685 - 21 September 2007
NHS Pensions
  540 - 1 August 2006
Future of NHS Pension scheme secured by new deal
  539 - 1 August 2006
NHS Pensions Review
  537 - 1 August 2006
NHS Pension Review
  406 - 18 October 2005
Pension Victory!
  372 - 12 April 2005
NHS Pension Scheme Review "fresh start" negotiations
  354 - 11 February 2005
Pensions Action Day 18th February 2005
  348 - 28 January 2005
Public Sector Pensions - Join the Campaign!
  347 - 28 January 2005
Pension Bulletin
  340 - 13 January 2005
NHS Pensions - Your Chance to Influence The Review
  337 - 14 December 2004
TUC group's statement on public service pension schemes
  333 - 7 December 2004
NHS Pension Review - The Consultation Process
  315 - 15 October 2004
Advance notice - TUC Public Services Pensions Parliamentary Lobby - 16 November
  295 - 16 July 2004
NHS Pension Review
  256 - 2 April 2004
NHS Pension Scheme Review Briefing
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